Containerized nitrogen plant


10 to 554 m3/h

Outlet pressure

5-9 bar


95-99,9995 %

Operating time


Containerised generators

Our containerised systems are designed for extreme environments and will cope with ambient temperatures of -20°C to +50°C. The conversion of the container includes lighting, insulation, ventilation and ducting, to provide a neat space saving solution that can be installed in any environment with no regard to the ambient conditions. Up to 9barG outlet pressure without secondary compression and 99.9995% purity.

What's inside

Our premium oxygen generating system, precisely matched to the installation altitude, temperature range and humidity levels. Every containerised unit is a bespoke build, with inlet and exhaust vents, product gas outlet points, service doors and even air conditioning installed according to the individual components and customer specification. For every continent and every environment.

Standard features

Transportable (pass for fork-lift and bolt-on ISO corners)

plug & produce solution

Designed for the outdoors,
the container provides excellent protection against rain and sun

Automatic start and stop operation

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Audio visual alarm

Optional features

Higher outlet pressure - up to 9barG without secondary compression

Surveillance system

Flow and purity control

Dew point control

Residual oil monitoring

Remote control over Internet/GSM via VPN

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    There is no necessity of considering an installation. It is pre-installed system.
    Return of investment (ROI) is calculated as 1-2 years. Local parameters have to be considered and my shorten or prolong the stated period. If you wish to receive a ROI for your project, please contact us on
    Time of installation depends on a complexity of the supply. It can take from 2 days to a week.
    The start-up also includes a basic training of the operators on site.
    To increase your capacity you can use either a large generator or to add another nitrogen generating line. Please contact us on for more details.
    To learn how to maintain the unit, please contact our service department on
    Our service team will give you support and all necessary information.