Medical oxygen generator

molecular sieve protection
Siemens colour touch screen incl. UPS
audio visual alarm beacon
stainless steel piping

1-8 m3/h

Outlet pressure

4-6 bar


90, 93, 95 %

Operating time


Siemens colour touch screen incl. UPS
spring loaded columns
molecular sieve protection
audio visual alarm beacon
stainless steel piping

9-81 m3/h

Outlet pressure

4-8 bar


90, 93 ,95 %

Operating time


Oxygen generators

Produce gaseous oxygen from compressed air on site and offer a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies such as cylinders or cryogenic liquid. Our design is made for round the clock 24/7 operation. Each generator is equipped with automatic start&stop function, enabling the generator to start and stop automatically according to the consumption.

PSA Technology

PSA Oxygen Generator consists of two columns filled with a zeolite molecular sieve. Pre-treated compressed air enters the active column and flows up through the zeolite. Oxygen and other unwanted gases are adsorbed while the nitrogen passes through. The active column then becomes fully pressurized. When this pressure is released, the column becomes inactive and completely regenerates during the depressurization. In order to secure a steady flow of oxygen each generator is built from two columns; one is active while the other is inactive. At the end of each columns cycle, they switch roles.

Standard features

Control system with SIEMENS color touch panel

Molecular sieve moisture protection

Automatic start/stop

Built in purity analyzer for continuous monitoring

Reliable - built for uninterrupted operation

Designed for dynamic pressure loading

Stainless Steel Robust Design Piping (AISI316)

Data logging (saved on memory card)

Audio / visual alarm

Purity control

Optional features

GSM modem (remote start / stop, SMS status, alarm warning SMS)

Flow meter with totalizer

Oxygen Dew Point Sensor

Temperature sensor

Modbus TCP / IP connection

Remote control

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    The start up procedure varies according to what type of system you have - generator only, stand alone, skid mounted or containerised. However, the start up procedure is very easy to follow and full instructions are included in the operating manual that comes with your system. If you encounter any problems, our service team are always available to provide support.
    On the last page of your quotation, you will see the electrical requirements for the system under "Power Supply".
    For a quick and easy calculation, add together the power consumption of each component, for a total power requirement for the system. This figure is then the hourly electrical consumption of your system (given in kW). Multiple this figure with your local electricity cost for kW/h, this is the hourly electricity cost for the system to operate. Take this figure and divide it by the flow rate of the generator, to give a production cost per m3.
    Total power consumption = 31kW
    Local electricity cost = €0.111 per kWh
    Generator flow rate = 25m3/h
    31(kW) * 0.111(€) = €3.441 per hour
    3.441 (€) / 25 (m3/h) = €0.137 per m3
    Cost per m3 = €0.14
    Take this figure and divide it by the flow rate of the generator (found in line 1 of your quotation), to give a production cost per m3.
    Return of investment (ROI) is calculated as 1-2 years. Local parameters have to be considered and might shorten or prolong the stated period. If you wish to receive a ROI for your project, please contact us on
    Time of installation depends on a complexity of the supply. It can take from 2 days to a week.
    The start-up also includes a basic training of the operators on site.
    To increase your capacity you can use either a large generator or to add another oxygen generating line. Please contact us on for more details.
    To learn how to maintain the generator, please contact our service department on
    Our service team will give you support and all necessary information.