Cylinder filling ramp

High pressure cylinder filling ramp or filling manifold is used for filling cylinders with gases at pressures up to 450 bar.

We produce standardized ramps or there are also custom made filling ramps available.

An example of custom made ramps represents a ramp which includes control system, two pressure gauges, two temperature gauges and two safety valves. Filling manifold has 20 flexible hoses for filling oxygen cylinders of various connections. In this case 10 connections CGA540 and 10 connections CGA870. The filling pump is controlled by the control panel, which is equipped by oxygen safety valve, thermometer, pressure gauge and pressure switch. Alarms on pressure and temperature switches block the operation of the oxygen pump, while it can be started again after all conditions are in safe zone.

Standard features

Equipped with all necessary and approved safety devices, pressure gauges, filling hoses

Gas type: oxygen and high pressure non corrosive gases

Storage rack for 4, 6, 8 or 10 cylinders as standard

Can be used as filling and/or reduction manifold

Ideal second or emergency back up gas supply (automatic change over manifold)

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