Impressive Unit to fight Covid-19 in Peru

February 10, 2021  |   Oxygen

Our partner in Peru, company NEGOCIACIONES UNIVERSAL POWER S.R.L., was chosen to supply an oxygen generating system to meet the need of oxygen in a regional hospital in LAMBAYEQUE in a province of Lambayeque. Lack of oxygen is, at the time of Covid-19, present in many countries around the globe. We wanted to make sure, that we offer the best possible solution for this large hospital and based on the provided parameters we suggested our unit, O150T with capacity slightly over 162 m3/h at oxygen purity 93%.
Requested was also an outlet pressure of 5bar and a partial filling station for a cylinder filling. 

Work in progress

After a few weeks of hard work, the manufacturing process was finished and the project was moved to testing stage. Testing only confirmed the offered performance and the unit was ready for packing and pick-up. 

Many people from the company have been involved in this project. Lets hear what they want to say.

Purchase manager: “Large projects are always challenging. I would like to thank our partners/suppliers for their obligingness. Without them, we would not be able to provide our customer the unit in such a short time.”

Production manager: “Our team has done a great job. We managed to finish the project in time. Now it is up to the forwarder to deliver the goods safely to its destination.”  

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