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Oxywise s.r.o.
Hurbanova 21/7069
921 01 Piešťany, Slovakia

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Sales - oxygen and nitrogen generators
Sales director
Ing. Frantisek Michalec
+421 948 518 655
Latin America and Pacific
Monika Janoskova
+421 915 924 830
Asia and Middle East
Adam Fletcher
+421 905 388 960
Europe and Africa
Marian Jurica
+421 918 936 001
Marek Lihon
Ladislav Caplas
Katarina Konecna


    Our company has its Headquarter as well as Production based in Piestany, Slovakia.
    Please contact our service department at
    They will communicate with you what they need to give you full support.
    Follow this link from our website for the information
    The same as for nitrogen, cheaper to run, reliable, oxygen as and when you need it, not at the mercy of the delivery of LOX or cylinders suppliers and their contracts or price hikes. NB EL Haggar do not currently have access to supply Medical Oxygen, only industrial.
    Yes, we have one of the lowest standard kW per m3 production rate for 95% purity its around 0.2kW for Class 5.5 around 1.0kW, we can get a lower average with ESV.
    anyone who is using liquid at smaller volumes (<3000m3/h), those buying cylinders in (gas or liquid) - unless they need the temperature effect of LN2