Medical oxygen

Proven design
for wellboats

Reduce cost of Nitrogen for laser cutting!

for high flow rates

Enhance your process
with onsite gas generation

Medical oxygen

Gas cylinder filling systems


designs and builds on-site oxygen and nitrogen generating systems based on pressure swing adsorption technology, cylinder filling systems, containerized systems, and gas control solutions.

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Competent partner in the gas industry.

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Over 1000 projects worldwide.

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Wide product range. International references.

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We are a long term industry recognized brand known for creating bespoke applications for Oxygen and Nitrogen generators, with a no compromise approach to delivering quality products and producing for a vast array of industries from anywhere between Fish farming to Healthcare and Tire inflation to Laser cutting, at below industry prices.
We are ISO, EU, CE, EAC and Pre-Safe certified.
Our solutions range from stand-alone units to skid mounts to containerized units with built in air-conditioning, all of which can include our innovative SEP series generators - essentially whatever your requirements we can imagine, design and build your solution in our bespoke manufacturing environment.
Through our extensive history we have supplied our units throughout the globe in a variety of applications and environments.

70+ countries

we have supplied units to all 6 inhabited continents in a variety of applications and environments

1000+ devices

customers including the UN, WHO and NATO


The main aim of the company is to deliver effective, reliable and affordable solutions that meet our customers’ expectations. Our main objective is to continuously improve the quality of our products and components but also provide high quality services related to installation and maintenance.

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